Hawkeye is an advertising agency that takes pride in its human-centered design philosophy throughout every project. Here at Hawkeye, "Data is great. Humans are better".
During my internship here at Hawkeye, I joined the Google Creative team and volunteered to help other teams such as Delta Airlines, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Village MD. I helped bring scripts to life with out-of-the-box ideas, create visuals for websites, and concept ideas for social media campaigns. The best part about interning at Hawkeye is the friendly team members. Everyone was welcoming and super helpful when I had questions. Hawkeye even took it upon themselves to have weekly meetings where the interns learned about all the working parts of an agency. Interning at Hawkeye was a great learning experience for a freshly graduated designer like myself. Below is a portion of the work I did during my internship and am able to share!

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